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Release the Reins!

I've had a safe sailing. My transition from a child to adolescence and finally adulthood. I owe this to my ever doting mother who must check everything and make sure everyone and everything are fine and in place and my father who will not cease to talk to me. I've seen troubled adults and when… Continue reading Release the Reins!

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Haircut…Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Hair There are certain people in my life. They are good at infuriating me. They make me pull at my hair in frustration. These are family some are friends. Talking about my hair, I have had my hair cut about three or four times. I delight in looking like a very younger version of me.… Continue reading Haircut…Stream of Consciousness Saturday

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Show Me The Money… Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Phew! It's 19:42 (+1 GMT) here in Lagos, Nigeria. I couldn't stay away from blogging today.:? The prompt for today Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “cash.” Use it in your post as a noun or a verb… or a name! ***** Cash is important. Need I talk about this? However, I noticed a lot of… Continue reading Show Me The Money… Stream of Consciousness Saturday