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Egged on #SoCS

As a child, I came across as a quiet and gentle girl. I rarely spoke to others, I avoided trouble as much as possible. My peers in high school were a different case altogether, they were talk actives  and one would naturally wonder why I was friends with them. But if you take a closer… Continue reading Egged on #SoCS

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The Rebel

Born in Kafachan, the only thing she knew how to do well was playing the harp. She took her music lessons seriously as a child. Looking at the statue of the harp on the fence, she was fascinated. She drew close and ran her hands across the metal harp, she closed her eyes and she… Continue reading The Rebel

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My Life as a young Rockhead.

Nickelback - How you remind me I should be 23 years old at the time. I had an LG, GW520 touch screen phone. It could slide to cover the buttons and my brother tells me it is a symbian phone. It was a secondhand phone from a friend who felt I had suffered too much… Continue reading My Life as a young Rockhead.