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Disclaimer: This is not my typical Sunday post, about God or Christian worship. My views about recent happenings. My heart quakes and I do not understand it all. Perhaps, the world coming to an end. Not just an end, a miserable end and it is not funny anymore. Not that it has been fun or… Continue reading IN THESE TURBULENT TIMES


My Creator, My Lover

Let my weary thoughts run in different directions Let peace come to stay in its stead Let me soar One with the sky blue In bliss, pure joy Love unending.   Let me be blessed beyond measure Let my cup run over Fill me with the knowledge That you will never let me alone That… Continue reading My Creator, My Lover

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Take A Break! Word High July Day 7 (Muni – Muni)

Muni - Muni Muni - Muni - To think deeply, to ponder Sit for a while Stop for a second In the midst of life's Hustle and bustle Count your ways Take note of your path Check out your company Your failures and successes Draw away from the noise For a while Think and think… Continue reading Take A Break! Word High July Day 7 (Muni – Muni)