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Books … Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Book... #SoCS In my humble opinion, one of the best things ever invented are books. Books has gone through a lot of evolution. There were once plain sheets and people wrote on them with ink or pencils, later typewriters came and then computers. All these have helped information to kept from generation to generation. Books… Continue reading Books … Stream of Consciousness Saturday

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A little bit of everything

Well, some people will call this greed or gluttony if it were food. Oh no! It's not. We are talking about reading. My excessive desire to read here on WordPress. When I read, say for instance "Toot your horn" by Simple Dimple, I check the blog of other people (one after the other) who clicked… Continue reading A little bit of everything


Kindred spirits

My eyes are glued to the screen They hurt. They are so swollen. I have to read, read and read some more *shrugs* I was named after Books. I have found my home A place where I read And read and read. I have friends around the world More than a thousand miles away I… Continue reading Kindred spirits