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Release the Reins!

I've had a safe sailing. My transition from a child to adolescence and finally adulthood. I owe this to my ever doting mother who must check everything and make sure everyone and everything are fine and in place and my father who will not cease to talk to me. I've seen troubled adults and when… Continue reading Release the Reins!

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Parenting The African Way…One Liner Wednesday

​I was teaching a few students about family traits and I asked them, "Have you ever thought your parent is not the one who gave birth to you?" 90% of them reluctantly raised their hands. Do you know know the reason they gave? My mother can flog hell out of somebody. I've been there too,… Continue reading Parenting The African Way…One Liner Wednesday

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Words of wisdom #9

Featuring others This week in response to Jacqueline thinking corner, I'll be featuring words from other bloggers here that makes a lot of meaning and has touched my life. You can check them out too. ♥ We are often judged in society by stereotypes. Perception distort social interactions and blind others from seeing the heart… Continue reading Words of wisdom #9