Music Monday #12

​KEANE (feat. K'naan) Stop For A Minute Lyrics Some days, feel my soul has left my body Feel I'm floating high above me Like I'm looking down upon me Start sinking, every time I get to thinking It's easier to keep on moving Never stop to let the truth in Sometimes I feel like it's… Continue reading Music Monday #12


Music Monday #11

Closer Than You Know (lyrics) Hillsongs United               🌟 I tempered the storm Though your faith was small I prayed while you slept And the night waged war We stood in the fire And we walked on sea And we drank of the wine That was made of Me Don't turn your eyes from Me… Continue reading Music Monday #11


Music Monday #7

Every Avenue - Only place I call home Leaving your tears on my shoulder Your eyes beg me to stay. We were finally changing. It's our luck, we're a little too late. I'd take you with me if there was a way. Sorry, don't cut it so I say, Take all of your doubts, You… Continue reading Music Monday #7