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Moving to Africa

I'm friends with an African American woman on Facebook, Ms. Mitchell. One day, she wrote on her timeline, "Let's talk: What's so bad about African Americans going to Africa and start building and investing? Financial wealth is realistic."I had to reply and here's what I wrote. Africa is big.Africa is a lot of shades but… Continue reading Moving to Africa

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Online Money Lenders

Last night as I browsed with my phone, I got lot of ads from different Nigerian Online Money Lenders and I was pissed and angry at the same time. I opened app, Facebook app, Criminal case, etc as long as my data was on there was a flood of Money lending ads. I was… Continue reading Online Money Lenders

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Passive Aggression. Word High July Day 8

Silakbo Silakbo - Emotional outburst Word High July I do not intend for this to be a long post. It might be and you may as well enjoy the ride with me. Passive aggression according to Wikipedia is the indirect expression of hostility. The signs show in procrastination, emotional outbursts, sarcastic remarks, mocking other people,… Continue reading Passive Aggression. Word High July Day 8