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Is cheating gender-based?

We all know what it means to cheat on another person. When we were kids, we regarded cheating as someone who takes away what rightfully belongs to us. We call it cheating. Cheating in a relationship means you are sexually unfaithful to your partner. You decide to have sex outside the confines of your marriage… Continue reading Is cheating gender-based?

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Getting a J. O. B – Part one

Rita Maxwell stepped over the rail to the other side, though it is forbidden by the government in these parts; she knew trains do not take these routes so often anymore. Her black leather slippers makes a crushing sound with the marble stones. She moved quickly to where other people were and smiled. She was… Continue reading Getting a J. O. B – Part one

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Harmattan in Lagos, Nigeria

Amihan (Day 21) : Word High July Amihan - Northeast wind, breeze Word High July Last week, I taught the topic Ecology and one important abiotic factor - Wind, in the terrestrial habitat. Wind is air in motion. I discovered in the course of teaching that class that the northeast wind brings harmattan to Nigeria.… Continue reading Harmattan in Lagos, Nigeria

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On a Long Thing…Stream of Consciousness Saturday

A popular musician in Nigeria, D'banj came up with the phrase "on a long thing". When someone says to you, "you are on a long thing" it means you have to wait maybe all your life to get something. Let's look at an example in this conversation. Girl: Sweetheart, I need a thousand naira for… Continue reading On a Long Thing…Stream of Consciousness Saturday

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Class… Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Today's prompt is about Class and I really had to check the meaning of the word. There are many times, we use words to an extent that we lose sight of the meaning. I recall that a rapper once said "You can pay for school but you can't buy class." This phrase kept ringing in… Continue reading Class… Stream of Consciousness Saturday