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Getting a J. O. B – Part one

Rita Maxwell stepped over the rail to the other side, though it is forbidden by the government in these parts; she knew trains do not take these routes so often anymore. Her black leather slippers makes a crushing sound with the marble stones. She moved quickly to where other people were and smiled. She was… Continue reading Getting a J. O. B – Part one

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Harmattan in Lagos, Nigeria

Amihan (Day 21) : Word High July Amihan - Northeast wind, breeze Word High July Last week, I taught the topic Ecology and one important abiotic factor - Wind, in the terrestrial habitat. Wind is air in motion. I discovered in the course of teaching that class that the northeast wind brings harmattan to Nigeria.… Continue reading Harmattan in Lagos, Nigeria

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On a Long Thing…Stream of Consciousness Saturday

A popular musician in Nigeria, D'banj came up with the phrase "on a long thing". When someone says to you, "you are on a long thing" it means you have to wait maybe all your life to get something. Let's look at an example in this conversation. Girl: Sweetheart, I need a thousand naira for… Continue reading On a Long Thing…Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Stream of Consciousness

Class… Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Today's prompt is about Class and I really had to check the meaning of the word. There are many times, we use words to an extent that we lose sight of the meaning. I recall that a rapper once said "You can pay for school but you can't buy class." This phrase kept ringing in… Continue reading Class… Stream of Consciousness Saturday