3Line Tales, Short Story, Writing

The Rebel

Born in Kafachan, the only thing she knew how to do well was playing the harp. She took her music lessons seriously as a child. Looking at the statue of the harp on the fence, she was fascinated. She drew close and ran her hands across the metal harp, she closed her eyes and she… Continue reading The Rebel


Music Monday #7

Every Avenue - Only place I call home Leaving your tears on my shoulder Your eyes beg me to stay. We were finally changing. It's our luck, we're a little too late. I'd take you with me if there was a way. Sorry, don't cut it so I say, Take all of your doubts, You… Continue reading Music Monday #7


No longer home!

We used to play here We met in this place Our secret hideout was here We ate street food together Your home was mine We laughed together We cried together All we did, we did As beans in a pod So alike were we Suddenly, The Great Divide I came here That place we used… Continue reading No longer home!