Lia explained what being in love feels like to her. I smiled. It does sound like a 20 year old me. After many years of dating scene and finally getting married to my husband, I have true picture of what love looks and feels like. Love is more than that squishy feeling in your heart… Continue reading WHAT DOES BEING IN LOVE FEEL LIKE?


New Year, New System

It is a new year and I got into this year with an empty brain and numb feelings. I wasn't feeling the new year celebration all around me and January 1st felt like any other day. I had no plans of going out to visit friends or family. Could it be that my mood stem… Continue reading New Year, New System


Stay on Course Child

Stay on course child, Stay on course Take your focus off the wind And look to me Don't fear your wings They are just enough to fly with * Run to me child, Run to me My arms are open ever waiting In my arms I'll carry you They are big enough to keep you… Continue reading Stay on Course Child

Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge

Letter to God… #WWQWC

Extraordinary people survive under the most terrible circumstances and they become more extraordinary because of it. ~ Robertson Davies Dear God, Maybe writing this is such a foolish idea but I'm human. So human with a knowledge so little compared to yours. You have the blueprints of every life on earth and you know the… Continue reading Letter to God… #WWQWC

Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge

Keep on trusting!… #WQWWC

Mandy dropped her bag on the table. Her mother came out of the kitchen, cleaning her wet hands with a napkin. Mandy did not move, she didn't acknowledge her mother's presence, she bent and kept pulling at her shoe buckle trying to free her feet from them. "You're back early today." "There was no traffic."… Continue reading Keep on trusting!… #WQWWC