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Your Companions

Hello everyone, There are two kinds of people in the world. The wise and the unwise. There are two kinds of books in the world the wise and the unwise. Your company is not just restricted to people but the books you read, the people you listen to, the Facebook groups you are in, the… Continue reading Your Companions


Music Monday #11

Closer Than You Know (lyrics) Hillsongs United               🌟 I tempered the storm Though your faith was small I prayed while you slept And the night waged war We stood in the fire And we walked on sea And we drank of the wine That was made of Me Don't turn your eyes from Me… Continue reading Music Monday #11

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Music Monday #6

Celine Dion and Andre Bocelli - The Prayer I pray you'll be our eyes And watch us where we go And help us to be wise In times when we don't know Let this be our prayer When we lose our way Lead us to a place Guide us with your grace To a place… Continue reading Music Monday #6


Living as He Expects

Every day I wake up Wishing for more Praying to live For something of worth Taking one step at a time This is a creed I have to learn Because trying to carry the weight of the world Definitely won't work I must live as He intends I must do as the Lord expects My… Continue reading Living as He Expects