Going Away

So I pack my suitcase You ain't gonna see me for a long time You got so used to me No more do you value  me My suitcase and I With a firm resolve not to take your crap Going to the place where strange faces Would make more sense. So I pack the suitcase And… Continue reading Going Away


Falling into the silence

As the golden sun Sinks into the sky Across the horizon birds fly Dark draws near Standing by the bed A cautious bed spread Smooth and soft A pillow, cover cloth and me So it's bedtime again Lying on the bed Trying to rest My tired bones and weary feet Then I remember Those Unwritten… Continue reading Falling into the silence


These Quotes!

Failure lies at the doorstep of those who allows it. - Anonymous. Many years ago, Charles from Eko FM, Lagos said this quote and it stuck. Sometimes, I still hear his voice saying the same thing. Failure is a choice and so is success. Walk with the wise and you will be wise, walk with… Continue reading These Quotes!