What Have You Achieved?

What have you achieved? I was in the car twentieth of this month. It was a Tuesday and I was returning home from church with a woman I love and respect so much - Mrs. A. I sat in the passenger seat as she drove me and another church member home. Not quite far from… Continue reading What Have You Achieved?

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A year older, a year wiser

24 March, 2016 With my whole heart I will sing Two decades and six He preserved me Joyful I will be No other mood I will take. I celebrate this day The day my presence graced this world of mortals To heavens will I look To Him who sits on the throne I lift my… Continue reading A year older, a year wiser


Temitoria according to Deborah Glover.

She came as an answer to my prayers. I was in a strange land. I was lonely and I needed a friend. God brought her to me. Temitope Victoria Idowu. My friend born out prayer and wishful thinking into my life. She is a sanguine. No dull moments. She can be lazy, when she chooses… Continue reading Temitoria according to Deborah Glover.