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NANA (Part 2)

NanaThe air inside that room was oppressive, it was better to sit outside and watch the small house that had been our home for many years.A year ago, Nana left the house after a heated argument with my mother. I remember how mother had been mentioning the sterling qualities of Priests and Nuns who visited… Continue reading NANA (Part 2)

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My first Sci-Fi story

Afriverve came up with a writing challenge, it had to be an African story set in Mars. I wrote a short story titled Saving the Day. It is the first time I'll write anything of this nature. Please read and if it impresses you enough, vote for my story with the two words I Vote.… Continue reading My first Sci-Fi story

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Disclaimer: This is not my typical Sunday post, about God or Christian worship. My views about recent happenings. My heart quakes and I do not understand it all. Perhaps, the world coming to an end. Not just an end, a miserable end and it is not funny anymore. Not that it has been fun or… Continue reading IN THESE TURBULENT TIMES

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Parenting The African Way…One Liner Wednesday

​I was teaching a few students about family traits and I asked them, "Have you ever thought your parent is not the one who gave birth to you?" 90% of them reluctantly raised their hands. Do you know know the reason they gave? My mother can flog hell out of somebody. I've been there too,… Continue reading Parenting The African Way…One Liner Wednesday