Words of Wisdom #3

☑  When you hold on to the past, you simply live in the past as the present flies away. Let go of past failures and successes. Move ahead. ☑ Life is an uphill climb. Most times you get weary but then at the end you realise that the journey was more important than the destination.… Continue reading Words of Wisdom #3


Words of Wisdom

📌The things we want are not necessarily the things we need. 📌 All the bad in this world can end with the good I do and those you do. 📌 Don't forget to say a word of cheer, you never can tell you might be saving a life. 📌 Find your voice, give words to… Continue reading Words of Wisdom

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Writer Block : My first challenge in the new year.

As the new year came in with it's pomp and gaiety. Fireworks, smiles on faces, partying and even people getting drunk. I found myself experiencing this writers' bane. I love reading and writing has been a part of me but I couldn't for the life of me understand it. Writer block. I have written three… Continue reading Writer Block : My first challenge in the new year.