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Booky on CodedTV

A few weeks back, Mojisola Amodemaja contacted me and said she would like to feature me in a Book Review program on CodedTV. I was delighted and I made my way down their for the video shoot.It was my first time on camera and I was a bit nervous but then Mojisola made me feel… Continue reading Booky on CodedTV

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More about Wandering Stars

Temitope is a press photographer. She travels to different parts of Nigeria in order to do her job. She meets a celebrity in one of her journey; Matthew Bliss. Pastor Henry, Pastor Bassey and Pastor Mike had congregations, two were false and only one was a genuine pastor. They all had their struggles and the… Continue reading More about Wandering Stars

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Disclaimer: This is not my typical Sunday post, about God or Christian worship. My views about recent happenings. My heart quakes and I do not understand it all. Perhaps, the world coming to an end. Not just an end, a miserable end and it is not funny anymore. Not that it has been fun or… Continue reading IN THESE TURBULENT TIMES

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One Foot In front of the Other… Personal

Hello my lovelies, It has been a while I wrote anything worthwhile on this space. The month of February and March I was busy writing a novel. I titled it Wandering Stars. I have been thinking of my blogging and how I haven’t written more than four posts in this year. In my first post… Continue reading One Foot In front of the Other… Personal

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"Hey Babe," my voice had a high tilt. "Sweetie, how are you?" his voice sounded bored. "Happy Valentine," I greeted. "What is good about the valentine if you are not here with me?" "Come on babe, don't be a sour puss. I will definitely see you in three days’ time." "Oh yeah? That was what… Continue reading LOVE CREPT IN

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Broken by Ufuomaee… A review

TITLE : BROKEN AUTHOR: UFUOMAEE CATEGORY: FICTION NUMBER OF WORDS : 33,820 This book is not just another tragic tale. While the title may seem so, it got me reading from start to finish. Promise was molested by her favourite Uncle at a young age and that was the beginning that set her on a… Continue reading Broken by Ufuomaee… A review

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The Writing Craft From My Point of View

It is no surprise that books have flooded the market – Amazon, Kindle, Smashwords, Kobo and the likes. I have seen people with talent. I have read good books that may not sell as much as the writerfornts. I have come across bad books and I wonder why they ever wrote something at all, to… Continue reading The Writing Craft From My Point of View

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My Creed!

I believe that there is an Almighty being who controls my life. I believe in Christ and his power over all things both in heaven, on earth and beneath the earth. I believe in the sweet fellowship of the Spirit of grace. I believe in my people. I believe my country will correct her wrongs… Continue reading My Creed!

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Open Letter to an Ex

When I came back from my three months break I wrote a post about how blessed I am and happy. I promised to share some of my experiences and this is the first one I'll share.  My ex came back! For what? Read on and enjoy! ***** Dear Ex, It's been a year and three months… Continue reading Open Letter to an Ex

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The Pastor and The Choir Director

Church feuds are not  uncommon. But when a pastor and the choir director get into it, stand aside. One week, our pastor decided to press his position by preaching on  commitment, and how we should dedicate ourselves to service. That Sunday, the choir director led the choir in singing I shall not be moved. The… Continue reading The Pastor and The Choir Director