The Story That Haunts

Tell me the story of the past Describe how it felt When you were giving up yet smiling When you were empty yet laughing * Show me how your demons haunt you Please don't hide from me Describe the voice you hear The voices which tear you apart As you come undone from every seam… Continue reading The Story That Haunts



We are spinning on an axis This way and that way A rotation we dislike deep to our bones Yet as we move we fall away One by one Our eyes holds no magic The tales we told have grown old We are spinning on undefined Hoping and yet hating hope Waiting and yet tired… Continue reading Spinning


Back To Number One

I ran but I couldn't keep up I wasn't sure honey, I wasn't It should be perfect It should --- So I'll hold myself Wrap these arms loosely around myself And hug myself Saying it will be fine --- I should have walked away I should have But I let you in Now I'm hurting… Continue reading Back To Number One


Asking for help

Give me strength To move on For I am weary --- Carry me For my bones Can't take me Any further. --- Lift me For your arms Are safe --- Love me Beyond comprehension For you understand my weaknesses --- Protect me From all harm --- Keep me In your shadow For underneath you are… Continue reading Asking for help


Yet another soul

In the dark night As I lie in bed I hear the sound of the gun Another soul has been taken away Another life has left our earth. ¬©Booky Glover, 2017 ***** When I served in the Eastern Nigeria, I experienced this tradition. Once we hear the sound of the gun we know that someone… Continue reading Yet another soul


Beauty and Savage Beast

Once I met a savage beast He made me fall in love Everyone feared for me They wanted to protect me I needed protection from myself Who loves a beast? Who thinks he is harmless? ---- Once I met a savage beast Who fought for me Who defended me with his life Who protected me… Continue reading Beauty and Savage Beast

poetry, Stream of Consciousness

A Crescendo of Violence

Living to live Struggling to die Fighting for survival The path many have tried And many will still tread. --- They tear our insides They tear us apart with Many lies and schemes Our strength is zapped We have become lost in the jungle We are caught in a web We are bound in our… Continue reading A Crescendo of Violence


Fool’s Gold

They came for her She was the girl next door She was gentle Did no wrong She greeted everyone No one knew she was The secret wife Of the man who terrorizes our city No one knew she was  Aiding and abetting his crimes We all could have sworn That she was a saint We… Continue reading Fool’s Gold


Adrift Life’s Sea

Seven years ago, we met Our stars were criss crossed We were one of a kind  And the whole world cheered us on We were cast adrift life sea We had each other In the midst of the storm In the darkest night You could hold on no more ---- Perhaps we won't drown Perhaps… Continue reading Adrift Life’s Sea