3Line Tales


In these sails, there lived a boy, who did all the odd jobs at sea. He has to go through the windy nights, the gun fights and those bullies. Once he became a man, there was no stopping him. He would sail to conquer the world. Photo credit; Charlie Harutaka The THREE LINE TALES; WEEK TEN… Continue reading Sail!

3Line Tales

The Quiet Inn

One word gotten after a long while of shuffling the squares. The others blurred before her eyes as she got the word QUIET The Quiet Inn, that deserted place, where her worst nightmare began. Shutting her eyes, she bowled over as  pain shot through her heart. The forgotten past became back to life in a… Continue reading The Quiet Inn

3Line Tales

In these colors

Representing nations, representing creed, people and race, All together we stood looking at these colorful flags With a resolve to respect what they stand for, my Indian friend and I held hands in silence. Different thoughts running through our minds. Photo credit : Liam Desic In response to the 3 Line Tales, photo prompt by… Continue reading In these colors

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The Rebel

Born in Kafachan, the only thing she knew how to do well was playing the harp. She took her music lessons seriously as a child. Looking at the statue of the harp on the fence, she was fascinated. She drew close and ran her hands across the metal harp, she closed her eyes and she… Continue reading The Rebel

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The woman for him

He sat at the table, waiting. She promised to be here and none of the delights of the place gave him any pleasure. He sighed as he sipped from the wine in front of him. Glancing at the wrist watch, she is yet to arrive. He must be really bewitched like his friends said. There… Continue reading The woman for him

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The Treasure

She intends to read them all, her mother bequeath this to her. She sat on the floor and read and read and read.... As dusk fell, her stomach started to growl and her eyes grew heavy, her head droops as she tries to stay awake. Photo Credit : Glen Noble *  *  * Three Line… Continue reading The Treasure

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Turned tables

In the elevator, she felt so cramped, the boss had demand to see her. Sweat broke out from every pore of her skin, trickling down. Before the great conference table, she looked at the grave faces. "Congratulations, you've been promoted, Manager of ICT department." Photo Credit : Alyssa Smith *    *    * In response to… Continue reading Turned tables