NANA (Part 7)

Nana and I walked out in silence, the cool air which hit my face was not helping to calm the fire raging inside of me. I took one look at her, she was looking good but this not how I envisioned our meeting. I’ve fantasised about this meeting but this beat my wildest imagination. It was still dark, but I knew dawn was approaching.
I packed my braids properly and folded my arms; waiting for whatever pathetic explanation she had to give me.
“Omoh? It’s not what you think it is.”
“Set me straight and start with your gay partner.”
“The lady I came out with from the stall with is a random stranger, I met her tonight and…”
“You got down dirty with her. Where is your sense of shame? Where is the Nana I used to know?” I interrupted her with my quiet voice.
“This is not the time and place to explain this. You are very angry at me and I understand but until you hear my story, you don’t have the right to judge me.”
I gave her a sad smile and wished I didn’t come to the club with Richard. The idea of the perfect sister shattered into pieces, she was just as bad as Mama and Papa – their blood ran in her veins, maybe I’m the only alien in that godforsaken family.
Nana was dressed in a mini gown which accentuated her legendary curves, her hands hung beside her in defeat.
“Just tell me, does this have to do with your refusal to return to school?”
“A bit, but it is a lot more.”
I shut my eyes for a while and tears burned in them; when I opened my eyes, tears flowed.
“This is too much for me to handle Nana.”
“I haven’t told you anything Omoh, you haven’t heard anything. Please don’t judge me. I love you. I love you so much that I hid myself from you. I dreaded coming back home or seeing you. I’m sorry.”
Nana looked at me for a while, then smiling she opened her arms. “Come.”
I walked into her arms and she held me. Hugging my sister was not something we did often, Nana was taller than me and it felt good been held in her arms. I don’t know how long but I cried some more in her arms. I was the tough nut, I don’t cry and if I must cry, no one sees me do it. Nana had only seen me cry a few times and this was one of those rare times.
When we disentangled she produced tissue from her small purse. I hesitated but collected it, I blew my nose and cleaned my face. That was when Richard made an appearance.
“Omoh?” he called from behind.
“How do I look?” I whispered to Nana.
“Like someone who just finished crying,” she whispered back. “Your boyfriend?”
I turned to face him with a shaky smile.
Richard threw his arms open and said, “I was looking all over for you.”
“Sorry, I bumped into my sister.”
“Wow, is that a good thing?” He pulled his little growing moustache.
“Of course. I’ve been emotional about it.” I supplied an information just in case he was worried about my teary eyes.
Nana stepped forward as he got to us. “I’m Nana, this is my little sister.”
“It’s good to meet you Nana,” he stretched his hand to shake her. Nana placed her hand in his but Richard was holding on more than usual.
“It’s a pleasure.”
I cleared my throat as Nana gently wriggled her hand free.
“How have you been Nana?” I didn’t like the way my sister’s name rolled off his tongue. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was hitting on my sister.
“I’ve been doing well, thank you.”
I blinked twice, Nana was replying him in the same sultry way.
“What time is it?” I looked at Richard directing my question at him. He raised his left arm to check the time. “It’s six minutes to four, we should get going.”
“Yes, we should,” he replied me then turned to Nana. “Can I have your phone number? Please?”
Nana smiled. “Omoh has my number, she will give it to you. Talk to you later sis.”
“Yeah, catch ya later.”
Nana went back into the club and I placed my hands on my waist. Richard raised in his hands in surrender before I said a word.
“I like her, that’s all.”
“Really? My elder sister?”
Richard dropped his hands and bowled over in laughter.
“What’s so funny?” I demanded, as the hands at my sides balled into tight fist, they were itching to slap some sense into him.
“You need to see yourself right now – all territorial and losing your cool.”
“Perish that thought right now. If you think I’m going to give you my sister’s number, then you need to wake from that daydream.”
“Come on Omoh, Nana is a big girl. Besides I’m a good guy.”
“Oh yeah? Tell it to the birds. Y’all are just a bunch of monkeys, all you wanna do is grab girls, eat them like bananas and throw away the peel.”
Richard sobered and took a look at me. “Which guy hurt you this bad. I can go punch him on the behalf of good guys everywhere.”
“No one.

whistled. “Wait a minute, have you ever had a boyfriend? Don’t tell me, it’s either they ran for their dear lives because they couldn’t stand your lethal tongue or you had one who walked away and you are smarting from the hurt.”
I clapped for him. “Thank you Sir Richard. Can we go home now?”
“The buses have not yet started working,” he glanced at his wrist watch again, “but I can take you home in my friend’s car.”
“Go get the keys then.”
Richard drove me home in silence with the radio playing different songs from Kidi.
“Thanks for coming out with me. I had a good time, no hassles from my friends and I met your stunning sister.”
I smiled at him. “It’s a one-time thing; I hope you’ve not forgotten that you owe me.”
“I can’t forget even if I tried, you’d make my life miserable,” he said in an affectionate way. Richard was creeping up on the Kwame sisters and I didn’t like it one bit.
I pushed the door into the living room and I heard my parents getting their groove on. I dropped into an old sofa and covered my face in shame for them. I mean do forty year olds still have sex in such a loud way? I was exhausted. Meeting Nana, Richard and then this; I hoped fervently that they were using protection, they shouldn’t think of bringing another child into this world.

Booky Glover, 2020

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