Short Story

NANA (Part 6)

Three years after Nana left home, I had enough money to start school. I worked with Madam Afia for a year, then I got employed at Wadoma Royale Hotel to wait tables at Kumasi. I saved money so I can go to school. I wanted to study mass communication in the University of Ghana. Nana refused to further her education. Every time I mentioned it, she would tell me there was more to life than going to the university.
“Nana, you need to rethink this, how can you think that working as a servant girl will serve you for the rest of your life? Come on, Nana. This is not you.”
Nana was silent. I could hear her breathe on the other side of the phone but she was saying nothing.
This was the umpteenth time we were having this discussion.
“Nana say something.”
“How is Mama and Papa?”
“They are doing fine; they’ve begun to regret all they did to us.”
“Take care of them Omoh.”
Nana knew this was a raw spot for me and she was trying to distract me from the topic at hand.
“Promise me, you will think about it. Heck, we are supposed to see. Where are you?”
“Omoh, please take care of yourself.” Nana’s voice broke as she said these words. I felt it right where I was. My sister was not telling me what it was, but she was sad about something. She didn’t want to further her education. She had not returned home ever since she left home; we haven’t seen each other. Her mistress couldn’t have been so bad that they couldn’t allow her to visit her family for a little break.
Why won’t she talk to me.
I was using an android phone and Nana was on WhatsApp, I prefer chats but Nana preferred calls. She would ignore my chats for days. I was leaving nothing to chance, I sent a message to her on WhatsApp.

Nana my best sister, the best sister in the whole world. Please tell me what’s going on with you. I am not happy. I know you are not too. Whatever it is, you can count on me. I love you Nana. I miss you too. Remember Nana, remember how you promised to always be there for me? Now, I need to be here for you. I am not a kid. I can understand anything you tell me. I can support you just like you’ve supported me too. Don’t shut me out Nana. Please sister, I beg you in the name of the God you respect so much.

Nana didn’t reply this message though the blue mark told me she had read it. I began to pray to God even though I didn’t believe in him. I wanted to see Nana again. My parents had changed and they were trying to be loving but I couldn’t let them in. They had lost that right to be anything important to me. We lived under the same roof but I went and came as I pleased answering to nobody.
I prayed for days and there were no answers. In fact, I began to think it was all a joke, this praying to an unseen God, but I was desperate. Being desperate drove me to my knees, I needed my sister and if I wasn’t going to get her attention, it was best to reach out to an unseen being said to be omnipresent.
My phone began to ring, it was Richard. We waited tables at the Wadoma Royale Hotel.
“Hello Richard.”
“I know this is odd but you have to hear me out.”
“My friends and I are going to a club tonight. They think I’m an undercover gay or whatever keeps them asleep at night, point is I need a date for tonight.”
“This comes at a price you know?”
“Name it Omoh.”
“You will wait any tables I don’t want for the next one week.”
Richard gave me directions and I promised to meet him at the spot he asked us to meet. I got the venue he told us to meet but I was late. Richard was pacing, looking around and when he finally sighted me he said, “Thank God you are here.”
I smiled at him. “Were you scared I would change my mind?”
“Omoh, you and I know you are crazy. Don’t let’s argue that fact. Thank you for coming.”
I laughed and he grabbed my hand. “Let’s get going already.”
“What about your friends?”
“They are all headed there as we speak.”
“You shouldn’t allow your friends to push you around like this.”
“I’m not like you Omoh, some of us need friends around.”
I rolled my eyes and heard the smile in his voice as he said, “It’s okay to roll your eyes at me.”
I hit his shoulder. “Stop it. You’re freaking me out.”
“I know you well by now. That silence was equal to eye roll. By the way, you look great.”
“Thank you.”
We entered the club, the coloured lights were flashing and the music was ear banging. Richard and his friends hailed each other, shook hands and then we made quick introductions. There was drinks and people were grinding on the dancing floor. One by one, his friends left to the dance floor.
“Is it not too early to start wasting energy on the dance floor?” I leaned close so he could hear me.
“They are not going to dance there till morning and if they want to, they are welcome to it. Wanna dance?”
“I don’t know how to dance.”
“You’re kidding right?”
“Come on, let’s go dance, just follow my lead.”
Richard and I were great dance partners; it is a dance I can’t forget in a hurry. After a while, I told him that I’d like to use the rest room.
Richard directed me to the ladies. I heard some moaning from one of the stalls, it sounded like the woman was trying to muffle the sounds. I was angry, didn’t she have any iota of decency? I entered an empty stall, emptied my bladder and as I came out, the lady and her partner came out. I froze where I was. The lady couldn’t move past me either, it was Nana.

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