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The Bayonet

I woke up this morning with these words ringing in my head, it has been in my head for a few days too. “May the bayonet forever point away from you.” These were the words on the caption of a photo a soldier friend of mine made three days ago for female soldiers; among other words he wrote. When I log on to Facebook this morning, one of the female soldiers, liked my comment and I knew I had to write this.

My mind is selectively absorbent and I happen to take note of a few details in words which others might have skipped. Sometimes I try to push words like this away and at other times they keep coming until I write about it. Some words just keep haunting me like ghosts invading my thoughts at odd times.

What is a bayonet?
According to Collins dictionary, a bayonet is a blade that can be attached to the muzzle of a rifle for stabbing in close combat.

The Bayonet

Some years back, I wrote about my childhood passion to become a soldier but I couldn’t because my body frame and strength wouldn’t let me. I concluded on that post that I would use my pen instead.
Whenever I walk by these soldiers on the streets, I revere them. I pull off my imaginary hat as they pass by. I have read so many comments on this space and even on the Internet about male soldiers and female soldiers in particular. They make me sad and sometimes they make me laugh.

You see, these women who join the force, for whatever reasons are putting their lives on the line. Let’s get one thing straight, the police force protects civilians while the soldiers protect us from the enemies without. Whether a soldier is combatant or non-combatant, soldiers are working towards one goal – protecting your life as a citizen of Nigeria (or whatever country you belong to). No matter what angle they are working from.

Recently, I made a joke about joining the soldiers and my brother took it seriously and reminded me that I might end up being single for a very long time. Of course, he would take it serious as someone who got the first hand info about my childhood dream of being a soldier.

I thought to myself, don’t these soldier women deserve love or families of their own? I have a friend who is currently dating a soldier, she loves this guy to the moon and back and I have heard of soldier women who find love in spite of the societal stereotypes. The fact that they put their lives on the line because they are passionate about this, does not mean they don’t deserve to be loved, cherished by civilian men.

My prayer

I don’t know other challenges they face but I join my friend, Ayotomiwa to say that prayer for all female soldiers everywhere, may the bayonet forever point away from you. May you find love, joy and bliss, may you be happy always and have children who will make you proud. I raise my glass to all female in arms, you are MVPs.

Let’s not talk about the other kind of soldiers who wield a pen instead of a sword or bayonet. Another time, I will talk about our struggles.

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