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A Stitch in Style by Adebukola Bassey

“To edit means to remove mistakes or parts that are not acceptable. To edit properly, you rethink, re-work, polish and finally rewrite your first draft. Try to look closely at your first draft to spot errors that spoil your written work.”

The above is not new to people in the editing industry. It’s what we do every time we hold a manuscript in hand. It shouldn’t be strange to writers too.

When my love for books pushed me towards editing, I knew nothing about editing and the business. I just loved correcting manuscripts. I was a very good beta reader and I would correct parts of my writer-friends story.

I searched for materials to read on editing. I got some on the internet and I devoured them. Coupled with my study of English language and structure, I was armed for editing. But I knew nothing about the business and that was my undoing for many months after I began editing.
I remember one particular project in which the owner walked away smiling but for me it ended in tears. (A story for another day.)

One day, I used my Facebook search button to find the word ditor and it brought a lot of search results. One particular result resonated with me. Adebukola Bassey. She defined Freelance editing in clear terms and I was blown away. I sent her a friend request and soon I was introduced to her book, A Stitch in Style – Guide for freelance editing business in Nigeria.

Price : N 2,000

As a book collector, I jumped in for the competition to get a free copy of the book but it wasn’t successful. I made a mental note to buy the book and this month, I bought the book.

Reading “A Stitch in Style“, opened my eyes to so many truths about the business of editing; especially in Nigeria.

It covers a lot of grounds ranging from the categories of editing you can establish in, the opportunities available to you, method of pricing and even a business checklist prepared by Adebukola Bassey.

Watch a one minute video about the book here.

Adebukola Bassey is one of the lecturers at Society for Books and Magazines Editors in Nigeria (SBMEN); the only training institute for editors in Nigeria. She is the Lead Editor at BMS Editorial Services, a writing services company that helps independent authors and businesses communicate with clarity and exactness.
She is a prolific editor, proofreader and writer with some published short stories.
Her passion for helping proofreaders and editors in the gig economy led to this book, which documents the business aspect of freelancing on a bootstrap budget.

Please note, that this book is for people who wants to learn about the business of editing, but even if you are about to plunge into editing, this book is a good place to start.

You can order a copy of the book with the link here.

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