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Moving to Africa

I’m friends with an African American woman on Facebook, Ms. Mitchell. One day, she wrote on her timeline, “Let’s talk: What’s so bad about African Americans going to Africa and start building and investing? Financial wealth is realistic.”

I had to reply and here’s what I wrote.

Africa is big.
Africa is a lot of shades but rejecting a fellow black is not one of them.

Africa has cultures and traditions. There’s a way things are done and I can tell you that settling in Africa may not be easy for you. There’s the new food, there are festivals peculiar from locality to locality. We are concerned about the African Americans.

The African Americans did not grow up like us. There’s the issue of legalized use of guns over there and we don’t have that here in Nigeria. (I don’t know about other countries in Africa). We hear of kids been exposed to drugs, we hear of the free use of hard drugs among adults. As humans, we resist change. We don’t want to be influenced by what we “think or feel” is bad.

Sometimes, an African leaves these waters to America and they return with different character. They lose some of their cultural values. They return here and turn their nose at us, we put them in their place.

However, if anyone wants to relocate here; they need to learn what works and what doesn’t. Be prepared for a shock if you are forever considered an outsider.

People from all over the world live in Lagos, Nigeria. Chinese, Germans, English, Americans, Indians etc and regardless of their colour, they are gainfully employed. Some never leave Nigeria and in spite of their white skin they stay here.

If you are an entrepreneur, this is a land where you can prosper. You just need a good head on your neck. Connect with friendly people who will show you around.

I have said too much but I hope you understand.

Dear African Americans, do you still want to move to Africa? It’s going to be different. It’s probably going to be hard and it might worth it. In the end, just do what works for you.

A few days ago, I came across a link to an article telling African Americans to settle in Ghana. You can read the article here.

I read the news and I see most of the problems African Americans have to go through but I wonder if moving to Africa would be the best next thing.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments section.

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