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Book Collector

I am a book collector. I don’t know if there’s another name for people like me. Some time ago, I discovered I love reading to the extent that I panic when I discover I have no new books.

I came across the word abibliophobia – the fear of running out of books. I have this phobia. It can get so intense at times.
Growing up, my sister usually mock this expensive habit of mine. I would buy books rather than buy clothes. This is one particular reason I usually look for durable materials and shoes to buy. I want my clothes and shoes to last long so I won’t have to buy new ones so fast.

Not a girl’s thinking right? I know, they’ve called me weird for too long that I carry the badge with pride.

I love books and I read a wide range of fiction to nonfiction.

The only kind of books that I have managed to run from are those in the horror genre. Come on guys, I’m the happily ever after babe. I like to see people alive, happy at the end of a stressful event, fall in love and even marry.

Recently, I subscribed to Deji Adeyemi’s mailing list and it has been awesome reading monthly newsletter.
He opens up about his challenges and new exploits and this fires me in a new way. It encourages me to do better with my writing and editing career. It makes me want to do more.

My brother, Adebayo, would put it this way, “Friends mentor you whether you like it or not. You mentor the people in your circle and they mentor you right back. Most times it’s the unconscious mentoring that changes your life forever.”
About ten days ago, the transformer supplying half of the estate I live in Lagos broke down and we were plunge into darkness. I was able to survive not coming online, checking Facebook or chatting with friends on WhatsApp. Anyway, chatting has never been my forte but my books! I have some ebooks on my phone and I am yet to read them. No power supply crippled me in a way I can’t begin to explain. I couldn’t read books on my phone. Most of the paperbacks I have, I have read before. I had to look for ways to charge my phone, go to a pay and charge spot to charge and so on. Charging my phone was a challenge on its own but the worst part was lack of access to reading what I felt like reading.

Just the other day Esther Enewerome, offered us a free ebook on digital marketing. I was one the first people to try downloading the book.

Some people discourage getting free books but here’s the thing, I’m a book collector. When I can afford a book, I buy. I rather go without a new wristwatch and get a book instead.

If I can’t afford to buy the book, I write down the name of the book and make a mental note to take the list with me when next I’m going on my book shopping spree.

Perhaps, I should consider writing book reviews for a fee. If you know of any website that pay people for reading and writing reviews, please drop a link. My reading talent shouldn’t go to waste.

Another thing this lack of power supply has stirred in me is a hunger to write on my blog. I remember that my blog is here for me to share my thoughts with you.

I can choose to rant here if I want and the beauty of it is that someone who has never met me except for this space would write words that will comfort me or sympathize with me.

I’m grateful for the gift of words.

It’s been a long time I came on this space. How are you doing?

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