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The Sound of Grief

Ever heard the sound of grief?

The stench of dead bodies.
The smell of death.
The gnawing feels of hunger pangs.
The sound of the broken clocks.

Ever seen what grief looks like?
I know what it looks like.
The flesh wrinkly and papered
The smoke rising from demolished houses
The tears that come rushing like a water fall
The bent back hoping for a miracle
The despair of loneliness
The quake in hearts
When we know it might not be better than this

We want to apportion blame
I know.
I see it your eyes
I hear it in your rising voices
We want someone held responsible
But this is the cycle of life.
The cycle has death in it
It got its destruction curve and decline
But it has its revived lines and peak

Booky Glover, 2020


I just read on Instagram about an Indianapolis police officer who lost her life while she was trying to help at a domestic violence call.

Tears filled my eyes as I stared at her beautiful smile.

Millions have lost their lives this Coronavirus season too. Their families are grieving.

Can you remember the nations in your prayers?

Can you remember to pray for those grieving at this period?

Won’t you be grateful that all you have to combat is just isolation and reduced feeding?

I can hear the sound of grief and it is not pleasant. 😔

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