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The Great Outdoors

It happened in 1918, the Spanish flu pandemic. Now it has come again in the form of COVID-19. I have spoken to a few friends and they are tired of sitting at home all day. Methinks that the Stay at home movement in the 1918 would be totally different from what we have now. Before the lockdown, we had our phones and electronic gadgets. We would sit at a meeting and still consult our phones from time to time. We have these instant messaging apps taking away the time we are supposed to have with people in our physical space. We have virtual friends and physical friends.

Now it is happening again. 2020, most parts of the world are being lockdown and we are experiencing the indoor life. We are isolated with enough time on our hands to continue our online life in a maximal way yet we have heard so many cries of being bored.

The pandemic is teaching us something no matter how we love our virtual life, it is never going to take the place of our real world.

The real world would be waiting to embrace us when this is all over but I hope we will take the lessons we have learnt along with us to the great outdoors.

I hope we will not forget so fast how staying at home from morning to evening wore us out. I hope we will show a little kindness to people who are unemployed and have to stay at home morning to evening.
I hope we will be as close as we to God when this is all over. I hope we will continue to intercede for the nations even after this is over.

Dear reader, COVID-19 will come to an end and we will remember these silly challenges we had to carried out online, we will remember the economic recession and the money spent to combat the virus. The fear of entrepreneurs. The mad rush to learn a new skill as we await the end of COVID-19.

I’m grateful for this break. I have been able to rest and I’m currently working on unfinished projects.

I watch movies, listen to music and write.

May we survive this period.
I hope to God, that I’ll see you on the other side.

Until next time,

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