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The bane of being a writer

To write is to share with the world your deepest desires and fantasies. To write is to be awoken at night by some stories coming together. To write is to have deep-seated reflections. To write is to sympathise and empathise. To write is to pour out yourself in a million ways. To write is to… Continue reading The bane of being a writer

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The Sound of Grief

Ever heard the sound of grief?The stench of dead bodies.The smell of death.The gnawing feels of hunger pangs.The sound of the broken clocks. Ever seen what grief looks like?I know what it looks like.The flesh wrinkly and paperedThe smoke rising from demolished housesThe tears that come rushing like a water fallThe bent back hoping for… Continue reading The Sound of Grief

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The Great Outdoors

It happened in 1918, the Spanish flu pandemic. Now it has come again in the form of COVID-19. I have spoken to a few friends and they are tired of sitting at home all day. Methinks that the Stay at home movement in the 1918 would be totally different from what we have now. Before… Continue reading The Great Outdoors

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The Walk (Spoken Word)

The Walk(Spoken Word) Nobody knocked the door that brought down the house But somebody struck the match that burnt up the mouse Everyone wanted to accept the wealth they can condone But little did they know they will have to walk alone. Strike the shepherd, the flock disperses Little lambs scouring for forage Eating and… Continue reading The Walk (Spoken Word)