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Getting a J. O. B – Part one

Rita Maxwell stepped over the rail to the other side, though it is forbidden by the government in these parts; she knew trains do not take these routes so often anymore. Her black leather slippers makes a crushing sound with the marble stones. She moved quickly to where other people were and smiled. She was not caught. Some people were using the pedestrian bridge but she would risk being caught instead.

The market was busy as usual and the sun was high in the sky, her black skirt and brown coat did well to hide the fiery nature inside her. Looking to the left, right, left and right again, she ran across the road.

Rita had to meet Uncle Olu this evening. Getting a job has become a serious chore and she will not grovel under anyone but in desperate times like this, this is a compulsory process. The molue was almost filled, she found a spot she could seat, and it was in between a fat lady and a slim man. The heat was becoming unbearable. A pungent smell of bodies and sweat mixed. Rita began to fan herself with her hand but that did nothing to help.

How I wish I didn’t have to enter this smelly bus but hiring a taxi will cost an arm and a leg. As if I could afford it.

She hissed, frowning. She carefully dropped her lithe body into the middle space created for her, trying to fit herself in the middle wasn’t working so, she slide to the edge of the seat so she wont get sweat soaked. She mopped off the droplets of sweat off her face trying not to ruin her make up.
A man armed with a polythene bag on his left arm started advertising a product. Rita sighed.
“Good afternoon to everyone in this bus, ebami gbe oju ayo soke.” Lift up joyful faces.

Rita also looked up like many other passengers. She would have preferred to look out the window, but the window side was already taken. It won’t be so good to have to deal with looking through the window and facing the fat lady’s profile. She was stuck with either looking up at the man or down at her handbag.
“This product is called Mustard Seed. It can cure many problems like ito suga ti awon oloyinbo pe ni Diabetes. It cures gonorrhoea, syphillis and any kind of evil disease you can name.” The man had a few mustard seeds packed into those small transparent packs used in the pharmacy.
“Just grind four seeds and mix with pap, don’t add sugar. Take it first in the morning and last thing at night before you go to bed. For the benefit of those of you who do not understand English.” He started translating all he had just said into Yoruba. Rita hissed again. She wished her battery was not yet dead , she would have been chatting with her friends. Reading a book in the bus chose cut it, it had been the most difficult feat she has tried to carry out in the bus. When she picks up the book to read, no matter how interesting, she finds herself reading the same line ten times, the bus jolts, takes a bend, the driver press on the brake, or tries to overtake and she losses concentration. Rita was going to bear this suffering until she gets to Ile-Iwe.

All these in the name of getting a better job? Dia riz God o!


Hello people,

I know it’s been an age but here I am. I need the right motivation to finish my incomplete stories so I will post a story here once every week till I’m through with it.

How have you been?

Until next time,


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