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Booky on CodedTV

A few weeks back, Mojisola Amodemaja contacted me and said she would like to feature me in a Book Review program on CodedTV. I was delighted and I made my way down their for the video shoot.

It was my first time on camera and I was a bit nervous but then Mojisola made me feel like it was just a discussion between friends.
After a few minutes I settled and had a beautiful interview with Mojisola about my book Wandering Stars.

Here is link to watch Booky Glover on CodedTV.

Booky on TV

The theme of the book is “survival”.

  • How do you survive, when your friend is married and you’re still very single?
  • How do you survive, when your spiritual leader compels you to sin against yourself?
  • How do you survive, when you’re poor and a false door of get-rich quick opens?
  • How do you make ends meet when you have a whole family to feed and you have no job?

The book Wandering Stars took me on a personal journey. I could feel the pain, the tears and victories of these everyday people.

If you are yet to get the book, let’s talk about it in the comment section. The book is available on Okadabooks.

You can also use this link Wandering Stars to download to your phone and read.

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