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The Red Gown

The Red Gown

I had a red gown
That went down
To my knees
With heels
So perfect
I wanted to be
Queen Bee
I sang here
I wrote there


With my bottled fears
With my tears stained face
I walked down the aisle
As they spoke behind my back
The whispers were intentionally loud
The words were meant to hurt
But they gave me strength
They give me the drive to move forward


With my red gown
That went down
I sang my own song
I walked my own path
Owned my own voice
Lived my own life
Drowned my demons
Broke fetters
Lifted my head
Puffed my chest


With my gown
That went down
So red
That it bled
The bitter taste

©bookyglover, 2018

Image Credit : Fashion Nova


This poem was inspired after I watched a Nigerian Comedy – Banana Island Ghost yesterday.

The Nigerian scene is getting better when it comes to comedy movies.

A cast in the movie called Ijeoma was shamed because she was big by some of her colleagues. They even went as far as calling her “hippo”. Well, on the day she wore her red dress to sing, the tables turned.

This is me rep-ping Naija!

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