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More about Wandering Stars

Temitope is a press photographer. She travels to different parts of Nigeria in order to do her job. She meets a celebrity in one of her journey; Matthew Bliss.

Pastor Henry, Pastor Bassey and Pastor Mike had congregations, two were false and only one was a genuine pastor. They all had their struggles and the decisions they made affected the lives of the parishioners some positive and others negative.

Wandering Stars is a story of love, friendship, betrayal, suicide attempt and struggle for survival. It is a story of real tears and fears, this story draws open a curtain to show what happens behind the scenes of the perfect people in our lives.

The setting of this book is Lagos, Nigeria. I tried as much as I could to show you some Lagos peculiarity and scenes. I’m sure you would love it.

This link explains what I had to go through to birth my debut novel Wandering Stars.


There are two ways to get this book, you can buy from Okadabooks or pay through Paystack in order to download and read this book.

Both accepts payments from anywhere in the world. The book is five hundred naira (N500) on both sites and its equivalent in dollars is $1.38 its equivalent in Pounds is £1.05.

To get Wandering Stars from Okadabooks follow this step:

  1. Download the Okadabooks app from google play store.
  2. Sign up to create an account for yourself.
  3. Move to account/refill. Recharge the app with some money. There are two options there, pay in money using your debit card or recharge cards(if you reside in Nigeria).
  4. Search for Wandering Stars.
  5. Click on the yellow button that says Buy
  6. Download.
  7. The book is now on your app you can read offline.

This is the first option.

Most of you might prefer the second option.

  • Click on this link Wandering Stars it leads you to a page that asks for your name and email.
  • After filing that, click on Pay now
  • Proceed to the next page in order to fill in your debt card details, you can download the book.

Buy, Read and don’t forget to drop a review!

P.S – the link to get the book through Paystack is at the top of this blog. Click on Menu and there you go.

If you would like to reach me, send an email to

As Petra Jacob would say, this is me doing some shameless promotion.

Happy Sunday

Until next time,


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