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10 Things That Makes Me Really Happy… 30 Days Writing Challenge

Day One

Mandy Hale once said that happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign anyone else that much power over your life.
Having said that, I don’t know if I have up to ten things that makes me really, but then let’s go this journey..

1. Listening to Music

“If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it…” Orsino said. Music has always had an important place in my life. Music speaks, they give you words that stay with you forever. You may memorize words and over time you will forget most of it, but music sticks. I’ve been through highs and lows, I’ve been ecstatic about some things in my life and I’ve experienced dark moments but music had always found me.

2. Dancing

I love dancing. There’s an exhilarating feeling that comes when I dance.
Don’t think about it
Just move your body
Listen to the music
Sing oh ey oh
Just move those left feet
Go ahead go crazy
Anyone can do it
Sing oh ey oh
Show the world you’ve got that fire
Feel the rhythm getting louder
Show the room what you can do
Prove to them you’ve got the moves
I don’t know about you…”
~Meghan Trainor – Better when I’m dancin’
This song express it better. If you haven’t heard it, then you need to download it and listen. It’s funny how the kind of music I listen to are not so danceable. I dance in church during praises and at parties. That brings me to the third thing that makes me really happy.

3. Parties.

I have a cool exterior and if you don’t know me you’d take me for a very quiet person. Well, I love parties. Wait a second! Are there people who hate parties? 😕
Parties are the best thing ever. Mention it, wedding parties, birthday parties, naming ceremonies, friends hangout, partying just because… Call me and I’ll be there. When I party, I am happy, there’s this joy on the side. I think it’s unexplainable. I don’t party every weekend though. When I show so much excitement at a party, my mom shakes her head and then remind me that I was born on a Saturday. I work and play hard, trust me on this.

4. Chatting with Friends

I don’t mean social media chatting. There’s a limit to how much I can chat on social media. I prefer meeting my friends physically, it makes the hangout more fun. I am an animated person by nature. First, I greet my friends with a hug and sometimes a kiss. I am usually the first to say this and that. Yeah, we share secrets – with all the juicy details. Work has dragged myself and my friends apart but we make a do with the little we can over the phone and social media. Nothing beats meeting physically and chatting.

5. An Interesting Novel

Who doesn’t like travelling to space and unknown lands, time travel right from your room as you read?
I love a good story. Romance, Thriller, Detective, Fantasy, Sci-fi and so on.

6. A Romantic Indian Movie

I don’t understand the language and I have not still learnt how to download these Bollywood movies, subtitle file and how to join them together. I’ve left that technical part to my brother and those who know how. I love Indian Movies and watching the romantic movies makes me really happy.

7. A Stimulating Conversation

I like things that fill me with awe, things that makes my heart race and keep me awake in my bed – a stimulating conversation it is then. I like discussions that challenge my truths, I have learnt over time to drop the “my-mind-is-made-up-don’t-confuse-me-with-the-facts” attitude. I learnt more this way, I have seen and heard of different twist to some true life stories. Some had brought tears to my eyes and some has made laugh. I have had deep conversations with total strangers, people I don’t expect to meet ever again. And just because it was a stimulating conversation, I was happy. With strangers or people known to me, a great mind stimulating conversation makes me happy.

I don’t have up to ten after all. These Seven things make me really happy.

Hey Female Igbo Architect here’s for Day One.

Until next time,

Make happiness an inside job. 😉


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