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Disclaimer: This is not my typical Sunday post, about God or Christian worship. My views about recent happenings.

My heart quakes and I do not understand it all. Perhaps, the world coming to an end. Not just an end, a miserable end and it is not funny anymore. Not that it has been fun or anything to laugh about.
The other day I was chatting with a friend on Social media who told me that he had been busy all day running for his dear life. He had seen dead bodies and houses razed to the ground in his hometown. The so-called herdsmen Militia and Soldiers are still on rampage. The painful part is that no one is hearing the voices ofthese people in Benue state. No one knows that these things are still happening in a full swing. My friend was chatting with me from some underground where he was hidden. I don’t know how long his supplies will carry him.

I read in a website a list of the top ten most dangerous and unsafe countries in the world and Nigeria was the number 2 on the ranking. I was not happy. I live in Nigeria, specifically in Lagos. These deaths may not be happening in Lagos at the moment but it is happening in the Northern States and now the evil has moved down and it has gotten to the middle belt states in Nigeria of which Benue is one of them.

Check our social media and what is trending are the comedy relief. The fights in the house of assembly, the stealing and recovery of mace, the president’s speech in which he mentioned most Nigerian Youths are lazy and all whatnots. The country is in shambles and no one is running. The country is on fire and our so-called youths are tweeting about the mace. How does that affect the problems of terrorism in this country?
I have prayed and hoped that things will change but they get worse each day. The drama is so appalling and I am worried. How do we blame Nigerians in the diaspora who have refused to return home or integrated themselves in another country? This country with an estimate of 180 million people have seen turbulent times and these times have not ended. Just as one gets resolved, another issue raises it’s ugly head. For the first time in Nigeria, people took to social media ranting about the hike in cost of food, fuel and other prices. Exportation becomes the order of the day and we are doing nothing at all.

Yes, it is no lie that African leaders are corrupt. The mess is all over the Internet and they are not even ashamed or remorseful about it. What do you call a situation where the people of the country wishes death and evil on their President and all head at different levels.
Ever since the President Buhari came into power, the country has been divided into factions.

  • We have the group feeling the bite of the economy, who wants him out.
  • We have those who though the economy is biting still believes in the Buhari government and administration. These ones raise the ‘there is a light at the end of every tunnel’ flag.
  • There are those praying for him to fall down and die.
  • There are those who are just complacent. They feel no amount of social media rant will change a thing. They have the notion that none of the masses have a say in political matters and our votes do not count.

Then in recent times, we have a majority that believes voting President Buhari out of power is the solution and everyone is told to get a Permanent Voters Card (PVC).
The country is divided. There is the problem of terrorism, lack of infrastructure and electricity supply issues. These are just some of the things we are going through.

Last week it was trending on the Internet, how an eight year old Indian girl child, Asifa was gang raped and murdered.

Just yesterday I read of how about 143 cases of women beating up their husbands have been reported this year in Lagos. Last year, a woman stabbed her husband to death.

All these stories and happenings makes me fear for this our world and generation.
Rape and all kinds of social vices continue to plague our world.

There is fire on the mountain and no seems to be on a run ~Asa

Image credit: Pixabay and Mirakee


  1. So sorry, Booky. The world is indeed a troubled place and time. Makes me say, “How long, O Lord, how long will you delay your coming.” He will be with you until that day, but troubles come aplenty!

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