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Where is Deb Riako?

Where is Deb Riako?

Deb was here. And her tagline read “because you need more than my fingerprints.”
Deb is one lovely woman, whose stories have made me think and feel. She had a way of putting herself out there for everyone to see. It didn’t matter that she was Kenyan and I Nigerian. It didn’t matter that she has had suicide attempts and I haven’t. I felt a bond with this woman who dared to speak her truths regardless of how anyone saw it. She was a courteous blogger who returned the courtesy of visiting your blog after you’ve visited hers.
Deb was writing an autobiography and she shared her cover photo with us.
I have not been blogging for awhile and so I didn’t notice very fast that she was missing on my WordPress feeds. When I realized she wasn’t on my feeds, I asked myself “Where is Deb Riako?”
Well, I did the first thing anyone could do, I Google searched her name “Deb Riako”, and it was right there in front of me. Deb wrote an article for a Kenyan website on depression and getting help for suicidal tendencies. At the end of the article was a link to her new blog, I was so happy that I found her again.
I went through the link and I arrived at her blog. She had 126 followers, unlike her former blog with more than a thousand followers.

This site was looking better in design and content than the former one she had. Of course, Deb is still the Queen of her blog ruling it just the way she wants it.
I wasn’t opportune to read all her posts but I read one that left me with mix feelings – sadness, empathy and a little indifference.

“I need therapy not religion”. I agree with her views and how worse she gets when she goes to a paid therapy session and gets Bible verses thrown at her and how all the prescribed methods of dealing with her depression have not worked one bit.
For the first time, I am learning that Deb is an atheist. It seems like becoming an atheist is a new fad. For two years of blogging, I didn’t know Deb was a self acclaimed Atheist and she had never for once bashed any religion for that matter. She kept a happy disposition and held on to hope.

For some of us, we conquer depression easily than others. While a part of me would have preferred her being a Christian, a part of me reminds me that she’s human and so she fights her battles. We are human and it is important to never lose hope even when circumstances seems hopeless.

Dear Deb, if you ever get to read this, I want you to know that I am happy that you are still here. I am happy that you are still fighting depression back and you’re still trying to figure out the whole puzzle you’re in.
I couldn’t follow her, WordPress is not allowing me to follow new sites I find through google and they didn’t email me a log in link. I’ll log in a formal complain to get this resolved.
I love you Deb,
I really need more than your fingerprints!

4 thoughts on “Where is Deb Riako?”

  1. That’s so sweet heartfelt post! I’m amazed that you were able to find her. It shows you genuinely care and I hope Deb does read the post. Thank you for introducing me to Deb too. I’m going to check her blog out now 🙂

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