The Bed.

This story made me think again. I am not married yet, but I seek love, I think while we are waiting we should keep our options open. Meet people, talk, reach out and don’t settle for less.
. Marriage is a big deal Mehn!

Bel's Thoughts

“Madam!” The middle-aged man said, tapping her.
She jerked slightly. “Hmn?”
“I asked what floor?”
“Sorry, fifth. Thank you.”
He grunted in response, no doubt irritated with her for not hearing him the first time.

The entire ride up, she braced herself. Knowing her personal assistant, there was likely going to be a fanfare waiting for her at the office; even though she expressly stated that she wanted a quiet birthday.

She took a deep breath, and let it out just as the elevator doors opened on the fifth floor.
She stepped out, made it to her section and there was silence.

Her Personal Assistant met her right outside her office door. “Good morning ma.”
“Good morning Ajoke, how are you?” She responded, an eyebrow raised.
“Fine thank you ma, and Happy Birthday.”
“Thank you. Please tell me-” She began.
“Nothing planned ma. I have noticed you have not been…

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