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My Creed!

I believe that there is an Almighty being who controls my life.

I believe in Christ and his power over all things both in heaven, on earth and beneath the earth.

I believe in the sweet fellowship of the Spirit of grace.

I believe in my people.

I believe my country will correct her wrongs and rise in strength.

I believe there will be a world free from hate, sickness, poverty, rape and every form of abuse.

I believe in angels.

I believe in the beauty of my own dreams.

I believe that I will rise from these problems that weigh me down.

I believe I am changing the world with my words.

I believe in the path I tread for each day the mist gets clearer and the light shines on my way.

I believe, oh I believe that this hope on the inside of me will never die.

Daily prompt : Believe

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