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Release the Reins!

I’ve had a safe sailing. My transition from a child to adolescence and finally adulthood. I owe this to my ever doting mother who must check everything and make sure everyone and everything are fine and in place and my father who will not cease to talk to me.

I’ve seen troubled adults and when I tell them about my parents and how they have made my life’s journey easier they smile and shake their heads. They didn’t have it so easy.

It is the obligation of every parent to love their kids, teach them, pray for them and then release them to thrive when they become adults.

However, some parents find it difficult to drop the reins after seeing you safe to the adult shore. They are so used to telling you “You should be doing this or you should be doing that…” That they forget that as an adult you have responsibilities to yourself and the family.

The grace to let children go is what great parents need. Knowing they’ve done their best and trained their children to the best of their ability.

Booky Glover, 2017


Stream of Consciousness Saturday brought to you by Linda G. Hill

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