The Way It Happened


I remember those days when we were undergraduates, Alumni would come speak to us in our Christian fellowships. I vividly remember just like it happened yesterday how most of us would jump up to our feet saying “Amen” as we heard the prayer “You are launched to favour market and not labour market in Jesus name.”

We were optimistic, so full of life. We wanted the best out of life. We had read so hard, we’ve made good grades and we were Christians. We had infallible armours and we were sure of victory.

When I got out of the university, this was my mindset. No one told me I would work with difficult persons as bosses. The story of working with bosses who will always give you the impression that I am always right and you are always wrong.

You don’t have an idea. You have to do it my way. If my way fails then shame on you.

Our alumni denied these facts and instead of telling us how it is in the real world, we were given a picture of paradise.

I have a supposedly 8 – 5 job and I close late most days. Sometimes 7pm, 8pm, even 10pm, I can see the question bubble around your head “So do you get paid for working extra hours?”

Hello No!

While I am not perfect, it is a lot difficult working with persons who are fault finders.

They want to deny your capability to work hard, they deny your intelligence, they paint a picture of you as lazy, hypocritical worker and hand over the image to you by accusing you falsely each time. It is sad.

I have chosen to believe in myself and who I am. The hardworking person, the intelligent person, the person who is always smiling, happy, optimistic and full of life.

While I will not deny that this reality exists, I won’t let it affect me. See eh, one thing I have learnt so far is that this kind of terrible working condition affects you either in a positive way or negative way. You either become bitter, cold, resentful and sad or optimistic, hardworking and calm.

My Dad usually tells me

The same sun that hardens the Clay melts the Shea butter. Your reaction to problems depends on the stuff you are made of.

This is the way it happened and it is a rude awakening I can’t deny.

Until next time folks,


8 thoughts on “The Way It Happened”

  1. Dear Booky, Life is hard. In this world you will have tribulations the scriptures say. How we handle them is our choice. Handling them with Jesus is better than without Him. And our rewards that are secure are eternal and they are reaped in the eternal. However, Jesus has promised to be our comfort, friend, security, victor, healer, provider. His way of doing that is not what we see with the earthly eye. That’s where faith is called for. You have a good post. It is true that young Christians often are not prepared for the battle called life. Jesus’s best to you, dear.

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      1. Ooo, I love that Grandma bit. I have a granddaughter who is hurting terribly right now. Pray for her like a sister for me, please. She is thirty with five precious girls. Had to start chemo shots this week and the fallout from that is far more than just physical. Her name is Kristina. Thanks, Baby, for your prayers for her.

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