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Spell Bound

There are so many things I have found, that arrest people’s attention. Movies, a painting, books, a good story and sometimes a beautiful person. Have you ever wondered why those in the show biz always want to look spotless and sparkling. They want people spell bound. They want you asking for more.

When we sit back to read a short story of 3000 words -which leaves us panting for more – we forget how it might have not been as easy to get these vivid imagery to us or keep us spell bound.

I read about how to write better, I take exercises however perfection of the art of writing is in writing. You write the bad ones and refine them. Better still, you throw them into the trash and start all over again.


How do a writer keep her skill polished and shinning when she has to be at work 8am and close for the day 5pm? The conditions we live in do not permit us to write. No one gives a writer the chance to write. Nothing encourages you to do your art. You have to be determined. You have to find out what works for you, stick to it. You have to keep spinning out good work. You need to keep producing work that will keep people spell bound. Of course, you know that you are not truly happy unless you are writing good stuff.


Until next time,


Stream of Consciousness Saturday, “Spell”


You will notice I’ve been so irregular on the blogosphere. I am trying to get my act together and I want to post a short story. I will post as soon as I’m done writing.

Enjoy the weekend.


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