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Palm Sunday!

He came riding on a donkey As the prophecies foretold He had a master key Yet he was to be sold For 30 pieces of silver coins One last minute fame had he The ground cover with green Palm trees here and there He came riding in Just one last moment of pleasure Before he… Continue reading Palm Sunday!

Sunday Corner

Heal Lord, Heal!

Heal Heal my broken heart For I'm weary and the sores are festering Heal my broken spirit For I need the joy that wells from the heart Heal my country For the Enemy has plundered her Heal our families For our children are into many vices Heal Lord, Heal! Stretch forth your hands to heal… Continue reading Heal Lord, Heal!


The Easter Egg Something.

You are responsible, loyal, and a true leader. You are able to pick up the slack when needed...And you never feel resentful for helping others.You are a true friend. You enjoy knowing that people can count on you. I saw this on Jacqueline's blog and I got curious. It's so true about me. How do they get… Continue reading The Easter Egg Something.