The value of howling into the wind

Let’s keep howling.


Image by Whitewolf Productions, via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.

Right now, writing here feels like ‘howling into the wind’ to use a phrase from Joanna Penn from a recent podcast interview on The Creative Penn. Joanna describes how she felt in the early days of writing her blog – writing away, thinking and constructing but actually being read by so few. You write as if your life depends on it but laugh to yourself at the fact that virtually no one is reading. Joanna talks about what happened from there, how her audience grew and the journey of growing that message and audience into the successful space that it is now.

So what is the value of ‘howling into the wind’? Perhaps hearing your own voice reflected back in the waves of air. Perhaps knowing that just sending out these words and images into the atmosphere might lead to…

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