Sunday Corner

The Unchanging God

People change. It has been our nature to change, either from good to bad or bad to good. However, this morning a word from the scriptures kept ringing in my heart.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

He is never changing. This means that his words hold true, no matter how long he said them. It means that he will be constant in his actions and he will always do the right.

If men in the olden days have trusted in him to help them and he did, it means that he will help me if I do the same.

His principles are never changing, his love is never changing, his words remain the same. Jesus said “This world will pass away but none of my words will.”

My duty is pray to him and keep trusting him to fulfill his own end of the bargain.

Is it not a great thing to serve a God whose terms and conditions are unchanging?

Happy Sunday

Until next time,


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