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Mama Alice…Short Story

Mama Alice wiped the sweat off her face and it must have been the tenth time or even more. I have lost count. I sat on the pavement of my house and watched her. It's either she did not notice me staring or she didn't mind. Altogether, she didn't care about who was going or… Continue reading Mama Alice…Short Story

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Someday We will go to beaches  We will travel to see the Effiel Tower We will walk the streets of London, Picadilly and the rest of them  We will see the pyramids of Egypt and watch history come alive  We will walk by River Nile We will visit the places Jesus walked We will get… Continue reading Someday…poetry



Books are not free! Read this article…

Maria Gibbs

There is a growing trend in society to believe that books should be free or heavily discounted and we have all been guilty of feeding into it. I pick up freebies but I am also happy to pay for the books I want. Maybe I can’t get all the ones I want but hey isn’t that just life? I see lots of clothes I like and I might be able to pick up a new dress for a special occasion or a new pair of jeans because my old ones have holes in where no self-respecting forty-something wants holes but I can’t buy every item that my heart desires. Certainly not on my non-existent income as an author. Just as well I have a full-time job that stops me from being a starving artist languishing in a garret with only bread and water to sustain me. My day-time job takes…

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Fight Against Emotional Abuse…Quote Day 3

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be a victim. Accept no one's definition for your life; define yourself. ~ Harvey Fierstein **** I cannot overemphasize the need to speak up for ourselves. People get emotionally abused everyday and by people who are closest to them. The people we respect are the very… Continue reading Fight Against Emotional Abuse…Quote Day 3


Power ….JusJoJan #9

I was here when Deb and Linda did this last year and it was fun reading their post. What stops me from joining in? Today's prompt is Power **** I used to see myself as a powerless person until recently. I am not a movie person but when I finally get to watch a movie, I… Continue reading Power ….JusJoJan #9


Hearts Do Not Break Even

Uneven I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing Just prayed to a God that I don't believe in 'Cause I got time while she got freedom 'Cause when a heart breaks, no, it don't break even Her best days were some of my worst She finally met a man that's gonna put her first While… Continue reading Hearts Do Not Break Even


Identity Crisis… Personal 

As 2016 came to an end I began to get a bit concerned about my name and using it. Like I revealed in the Mysterious Blogger post, my name is Booky. I want to get published this year hopefully. However there is a battle within me. Do I use Deborah Glover? Do I use Booky… Continue reading Identity Crisis… Personal 


Proportioned Anger… Quote Day Two

3 Day Quote Challenge  Thanks Pinkspen of a ladyhood journey for the nomination. I am enjoying this. "Anyone can become angry- that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way - this is not easy." ~ ARISTOTLE, The… Continue reading Proportioned Anger… Quote Day Two


What’s the big deal about setting writing goals?

This post makes me realize that you can keep writing all year round. Busy. Busy. Busy ; and at the year end you have achieved nothing.



If you have been following us on social media in the past week you will know that we have been talking about writing goals and how to make them work. Over the weekend we had a training session where we helped writers develop their writing goals.

Today, we want to make sure that you understand the reason why we insist that you have writing goals.

The first reason why we want you to set your writing goal is perfectly highlighted in this quote by Bill Copeland.

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.”

Goal setting helps you to be specific

Not highlighting in detail what you want to achieve with your writing this year can mean that you’d always be busy, busy writing or working, but at the end of the year you may…

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