Thank You and Your Invitation

This is a big party. Blog hopping, food, music, poetry and meeting awesome bloggers, what could be more cool than that, eh?

Join us for the party. Reblog this post, the more the merrier.

a cooking pot and twisted tales

Blog Party, Online Networking

To all my new friends (follows) and interactors, thank you for joining me in this space. You are most welcome.

As much as this blog is mine to share my thoughts and what not, I primarily see this place as a community of like-minded friends supporting each other.

This is a friendly zone and once a month we have a shindig to brighten things up a bit.

We meet, greet, mingle, grow our network and shake a leg.

This would be the first meet and greet for this year and you are all invited.

The oldies in the house already know the drill; music, zero calorie online food and drink, chit-chat et cetera.

PARTY TIME– Saturday  28th January – Till Sunday 29th January



Looking forward to seeing you.


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Update! Update!

*Takes in a deep breathe and exhale* Inkbiotic stories have been so real and heart gripping. Now that she has this one out, I feel you should check this out. It’s worth it, a million times over.

Congrats Petra Jacob!


riddle-cover I wrote this!

So I just got an email telling me that my book is now on Amazon, which is all kinds of ridiculous and exciting.

Here’s the page Amazon link

And here’s an extract, in case you’re in the mood to be persuaded (or dissuaded, whatever takes your fancy).

I try to exist only as an unreal being striding with large steps across the ocean. In the small, grey, scurrying world I live a little less each day, shrink my shadow so the pedestrians can’t step on it, breathe a little less of the stagnant air. I have a method, it has taken many years to perfect.

“Don’t become another dull fart,” my grandmother used to hiss, “the world has too many dull farts, just look at your parents! They’re like talking wallpaper. You have to be different, you have to stay shiny, not get weighed down and dusty…

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