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Life… Poetry

Life is fleeting

Like the rose in the morn

Withers in the night

We have naught to show for our toils.

Life is purple

A shade of doom and bliss

We get on a quest that never ends

Treading on to El-dorado

Life is a hawk

It swops down to steal us

Catching us unaware
To the land of the unknown.

© Booky Glover, 2017

It’s 23 days into the new year and the rate of deaths is alarming. Thank God, I am yet to lose anyone close to me but friends of friends, nephew, uncle and aunties of friends are dying. I have been a bit melancholic these days and it has got me wondering what is going wrong. I hope your day is going on smoothly.

We are alive and it’s enough reason to be thankful.

Until next time,


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