Fifty Shades of Me…Poetry

​I am soft outside I am hard inside I love hard I leave fast I burn I soothe I am to the extreme The extreme of both sides Don't ask me to change Asking won't change me Don't be deceived by the looks I am fifty shades of myself. © Deborah Glover, 2016 You have… Continue reading Fifty Shades of Me…Poetry



I have the gift A gift of you I looked at the picture of you Unsmiling Yet you manage to convince me That you are real That you love me I see what others can't They say I'm crazy Perhaps they are correct You are a gift In suit and tie The gift that is… Continue reading Gift…poetry


What it’s Really Like to Be Homeless: From an Educated Woman’s Point of View

I was homeless too. It took its toll on my mental health. I still get depressed and try to shake it off. You really need to read Gina’s account. May be someday I’ll be courageous enough to share my own story.


We’ve all been exposed the seemingly growing population of homeless people, wherever we go. From small towns to big cities, they seem to be everywhere now. As we rush off to our jobs or appointments, we see them sleeping on bus benches, wandering around aimlessly on the streets, and panhandling in front of what seems to be every establishment we enter. We’re amazed (and sometimes amused) by how dirty and disheveled a human being can allow themselves to get. We might even be humored by watching someone carry on a lively conversation with themselves, although we are not completely oblivious to the fact that they suffer from a serious mental illness. It’s also not difficult to reason that some of them have an obvious substance abuse problem. They come in all different ages and colors; some are teenagers with purple hair and tattoos, some are old men with decades of…

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