Power ….JusJoJan #9

I was here when Deb and Linda did this last year and it was fun reading their post. What stops me from joining in?

Today’s prompt is Power


I used to see myself as a powerless person until recently. I am not a movie person but when I finally get to watch a movie, I learn from it. I throw out the weeds and harvest the crops.

I have being watching The Flash movie series and The Supergirl series and one important thing I have learnt is that you do not need wings to fly, a red cape, a supersonic ability to eavesdrop, the ability to run like lightening… Every one has something that makes them special. I am an heroine just here in my room and I can make a lot of difference from my screen. I can touch a life by talking about myself and my pains, I can influence my world positively by infusing positivity into it.

I write. And that is a power of it’s own. Lucky for me, I possess that power.


Brought to you by Linda G. Hill and friends! 

Click on this link for guidelines on how to go about this.

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