Identity Crisis… Personal 

As 2016 came to an end I began to get a bit concerned about my name and using it. Like I revealed in the Mysterious Blogger post, my name is Booky. I want to get published this year hopefully. However there is a battle within me. Do I use Deborah Glover? Do I use Booky Glover? Deborah Glover is the official name. I use it in every legal and official document. Booky is the name that has gotten bartered by people around me. They just could not accept that a Father would chose to name his child Booky after Books! Who does that? My Father of course. 


Early last year, there was a post about our names I wrote it down but I never got around to posting it. I’ll do that now. Let me know what you think.

I was named Booky.

Booky according to my father means “One who reads.”

I had to check and check, I saw something similar in the dictionary Bookie with a meaning related to the library.

My father felt it was appropriate for me. This name was not even acknowledged in the birth certificate. (No thanks to my mother who didn’t know better at the time.)

There is a name called Bukola which people from my place write as Bukky (for short).

In primary school, I have said that phrase over and over. .

“My name is Booky not Bukola.” And when anyone makes the mistake of calling me Bukola, I repeat it again.

“My name is Booky not Bukola.”

I had to change the use of the name in the Secondary school.

Till date everyone close to me calls me Booky. Those that didn’t meet me officially of course.

Officially I bear Deborah Glover but my first name remains Booky.

Glover is an English surname and I’ve been questioned severally. “Are your fathers one of the slaves to the white?”

“How can you bear an English surname as a ‘Yoruba’?”

Some even purposely taunt the name, by calling it Guava, G-lover, Gover, even Clover which is another name entirely. Some say my grandmother might have played a foul game and so on. I stop taking offenses about this things long ago.


According to oral tradition, my great grandfather bore the name Glover. He was named Enemini, Samuel Glover. This baby was born on the day a Methodist missionary landed my village, Igbobini – Ondo State. The baby boy was so fair in complexion and the missionary gave him a knife with two edges for a gift and his name. The missionary came from Britain.

Among his brothers only him had the English name. The English name stuck more than the biblical name- Samuel or local name- Enemini.

My grandfather took the name as his surname, Albert Glover, it extends to my father, Iranlowo-oluwa Glover and now me. There are other people who bear this surname in Lagos and I do not know their story but this is how I came about my Surname.


I need your opinions on this. Let’s talk.

4 thoughts on “Identity Crisis… Personal ”

  1. Wow! This is quite insightful. Okay at first, I thought your original name was Bukky and you just changed to Booky until you shared that Mysterious Blogger Award post and I got clarified. And then I thought she Booky Deborah Glover, she’s definitely not Yoruba but I just couldn’t define where you are from. Now I know better.😊

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  2. I love to hear the meaning, personal thoughts and history of a person’s name! When I hear a unique name, I always ask “What does it mean?!” It’s fascinating to me to hear. If they say “I don’t know. Just what my parents named me.” , I say “Such a unique name should have a unique meaning. Own it! “. 😄 So, high five to you for owning it! I say you can use both, one is your birth name ( and father’s love!) and the other your pen name. It’s a beautiful thing! A beautiful thing!😉

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