Beautiful Souls… Quote Day One

3 Day Quote Challenge  I am so honored to have been called to a challenge such as this. Thanks Pinkspen of a Ladyhood Journey for the invitation. My people say; "Wise sayings are every important and when words go awry we use them to bring direction to issues." "If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies,… Continue reading Beautiful Souls… Quote Day One

Sunday Corner

Come to me…Poetry

Come to me Leave your worries behind Leave your doubts aside  Leave your troubles by the road --- My heart is enlarged  Come to me  My hands and heart is open With joy and laughter  --- In my kingdom  Peace, joy and righteousness reigns Come to me Together we can shake the world --- Forsake… Continue reading Come to me…Poetry

3Line Tales

Time To Fly… Three Line Tales

Gina wrote in a notepad. She was scribbling fast. There are many things to do, stuff to attend to and it was time to live each day rather than getting through them in motions.  It  was time to explore. To learn about herself, to grow stronger and make a difference. © Deborah Glover, 2017 Image… Continue reading Time To Fly… Three Line Tales