Once I Was A Girl… Poetry

​Once I was a girl I thought like you I loved the world I smiled at strangers --- Once I was a girl I dressed to please I chat to tease I was carefree --- I was hit and pushed I was shoved to the ground They say I was gullible They said I was… Continue reading Once I Was A Girl… Poetry


Going Home…Poetry

Perhaps home is the answer Perhaps you were it's key Maybe you could take me in Maybe you could let us be You are the answer The place called home. © Deborah Glover, 2016 ***** Inspired by a good friend on the blogosphere Chris McGeown His poems are short and meaningful. I hope you are having… Continue reading Going Home…Poetry


Who will I marry?…Personal

A song starts in my earphones, who will I marry? The song preaches taking ones time before getting married. Patience is the key. In times like this when friends and acquaintances are getting married, my Facebook timeline is flooded with the pictures of newly married couples and it looks like I'm left behind. Don't let's… Continue reading Who will I marry?…Personal


Silence… Poetry

Silence The sound of silence So eery, so true Here I stand on the ledge With my thoughts  Going awry My despairs My darkness My nightmares My debts The time keeps going  Tick tock My feet goes in sync I try to make noise From within But a stillness falls On me A quietness  Like… Continue reading Silence… Poetry

Short Story

The Polite Girl…Fiction written by Inkbiotic

​I enjoyed this story, I couldn't resist sharing. Enjoy! ***** These walls shall run red with your blood and echo with your screams. Not as revenge, but as a smoothing of fate, a coercion with destiny. Your horror will finally satiate me, your end will be my beginning. Clare shyly raised her hand and Mrs… Continue reading The Polite Girl…Fiction written by Inkbiotic



This post was written by my friend Temitoria. I enjoyed this and I know you will too. I woke up feeling energized and under one hour, I was able to do a lot of things that I mentally noted yesterday in passing. I was doing chores, getting inspired by God’s word and declaring into my… Continue reading SUCCESS IS EXTREMELY PERSONAL